When registering a limited enterprise or an LLP within the UK it is compulsory to pick an cope with where respectable correspondence may be served. As this can make the difference as to whether you win that settlement or no longer, many small companies choose the deal with of their commercial enterprise carrier carriers such as their Company Secretary or Accountant as their registered workplace deal with.

It is the agency’s authentic cope with to which files, letters and reminders from Companies House are sent. It is also the cope with used by different government agencies and accounting services hong kong departments to touch the organization and normally via courts to ship legit papers when the organization is worried in a felony motion. It is consequently the company’s responsibility to make certain that the registered address is valid and recognized by means of the Post Office. Using a PO Box because the registered office deal with isn’t accredited.

All changed to the agency’s registered deal with should be notified to Companies House straight away.

Registered deal with and trading cope with

This is probably, but does not have to be, the same as the organization’s trading deal with. For the reputational purposes, efficiency in dealing with professional correspondence and to shield the privacy of business owners buying and selling from home, businesses use a 3rd celebration address as their registered deal with.

The enterprise’s reliable deal with is available for most of the people to view on the Companies House website. Companies ought to additionally display this their stationery, invoices, websites and monetary files. The employer’s name ought to be displayed at its registered office.


1. Every business enterprise need to have a registered office (Companies Act 1985 section 287 (1)).

2. The authentic registered office of a company need to always have a notice outside the office pointing out the call of the employer. Also, information of the registered workplace must be proven on all invoices, order paperwork, letterheads, web sites and economic documentation (Companies Act 2006).

Three. The statutory books must be saved on the registered workplace, which includes the Register of Members, the Register of Substantial Interests, the Register of Debenture Holders and the Register of Charges. In a few times the Registers may be kept at different addresses after formal observe has been given to Companies House.

4. For small corporations (or for younger marketers running from home) it’s miles important that potential clients have the confidence to exchange with them and have a high profile. To reap this, many organizations comfortable a prestigious registered cope with, often in important London.

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